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Postgraduate research topics in Medicinal Chemistry

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About the Author P. Heinrich Stahl (Author/Editor) studied Pharmaceutical Sciences in Freiburg, Germany, and completed his Ph. D. thesis on the synthesis of purine heterocycles under the supervision of Kurt Walter Merz.

This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Sloan-Kettering-Institute for Cancer Research, New York. World Congress on Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmacognosy, November, Frankfurt, Germany.

Chemistry strives to understand natural phenomena at the molecular level and connects with physics and mathematics, earth and environmental sciences, and biology and medicine. Instructions for Authors) Download as pdf-file. General Policy. Chemistry & Biodiversity publishes field-specific and interdisciplinary high-quality contributions on all research fields that straddle the border between the chemical and the biological sciences, with the ultimate goal of broadening our understanding of how nature works at a molecular level.

Aug 15,  · Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Programs The University of Toledo offers master's and Ph.D. degrees in Medicinal Chemistry. The focus of the Medicinal Chemistry educational program is on the theory and practice of drug design, with additional advanced-level instruction in the appropriate underlying scientific areas.

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